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August 21, 2011

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SistahFaith – Stanice Anderson, Marilynn Griffith and more! Black Gospel

October 21, 2010

Help SistahFaith reach #1
on the Essence Bestsellers List!

“Powerful women! Powerful speakers! Powerful stories!”
Pam Perry, Chief Visionary, Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc

Ashamed No More

Every woman needs a safe place… She needs the support of sistahs who won’t cringe at the honest truth, who are willing to walk by her side, who will listen to her stories, and who will offer balm to heal her wounds.

SistahFaith …true stories of women of women who have not only survived, but who have triumphed! Stories of addiction, abortion, rape, abuse, incest, suicide, teen pregnancy-stories of hope that shine light on the path to healing.

Most women endure in silence – afraid to tell the truth, held captive by shame. But in SistahFaith, women tell the truth and show their scars…share their testimonies so that others can overcome.

Among the women who share their stories of redemption, hope, and new life are Bonnie DeBarge of the famed Motown group DeBarge, award-winning author Sharon Ewell Foster, and author Claudia Mair Burney.

Share SistahFaith: Real Stories of Pain, Truth, and Triumph (Howard Books/Simon and Schuster) with the sistahs in your life and let the healing begin!

Available online, or purchase from this Essence reporting bookstore:
Pyramid Books 561-731-4422

Schedule the SistahFaith National Speakers
for your next conference:

For media and speaker requests:
PO Box 180485
Tallahassee, FL, 32318
(850) 322-0347

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SistahFaith – Black Gospel

PR Coach: Author Platforms: Put your BEST Face, Foot and Brand FORWARD

October 12, 2010

Louise Bannerman, ACW/Detroit Member

ACW logoAmerican
Christian Writers
Detroit Chapter News

ACW – Detroit Chapter c/o Greater Grace Temple

Attention: Venus Mason Theus

23500 W. 7 Mile Road
Detroit, Michigan 48219 313.615.6704

It’s Time to Upgrade

Those of us who live in Michigan are exceptionally blessed because we’re able to enjoy four seasons that reflect the plurality of God’s majesty!  The varied seasons serve as a reminder that change is inevitable and whether we choose to embrace it or protest it – it’s coming.

With each new season the temperature changes, the sky either gets cloudier or brighter; flowers, trees and foliage either bloom, hibernate or wither away.  Animals change body temperature, color, shed or grow thicker fur to accommodate the season.

When seasons change nature gets a makeover and from time to time, we [human beings] should update ourselves as well.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t cut it for Christian authors.  If it’s old, stale, overworked, faded, ill-fitting, boring, etcera, etcera…it actually is broken and does actually need to be fixed.  This is not limited to sprucing up the outward appearance but also it also means discarding negative thoughts, distructive speech and counterproductive deeds.

Like the plant and animal world, human beings also need to update or as Dr. Stacia Pierce puts it, Upgrade ourselves.  Particularly those of us who are in a position to attract the lost to salvation and to encourage the body of Christ to continue fight the good fight.

Your most effective calling card is a polished image that epitomizes the glory of our Savior.  By nature we’re attracted to others first by the image they project, THEN most evaluate character and skill levels.

The adage that says “you can’t judge a book by its cover” really isn’t true. As an author, your book might be the greatest story ever told, but if your total package isn’t solid, potential readers might never bother to so much as skim the back cover.

We will discuss more about image during the meeting on October 18th so don’t miss it.  We will provide you with lots of information on how to update or enhance your image as a Christian author.  Our president eritus (Pam Perry) is doing a an important workshop.  Make certain you bring the items she specified in the section below.

Venus Mason Theus
ACW/Detroit Chapter President

Pam Perry Presents:
Your Author Image


Monday, October 18th – 6:30 pm

Greater Grace Temple City of David
Conference Center
23500 W. 7 Mile Detroit, MI 48219

Your corporate I.D. that is. Logos, taglines, photos, letterhead, mastheads…everything you use to market yourself. I will REVIEW everything
Pam Perry, PR Coach

Guest Blog:
Are You Willing to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn?
By: Christina Dixon, ACW/Detroit Vice President

Several years ago I read a quote that made a huge impact on the way I approach learning opportunities. The quote was by futurist Alvin Toffler. In the early 1970s this business consultant spoke to corporate America with insight that has proven to be extremely accurate. He said,

“The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who can read or write. It will be those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

For  writers, this statement has many implications. There are so many things that have changed in the publishing industry since that time. In the early 70s those who self-published their books were not taken seriously.

Today, technology has opened the flood gates so that thousands of books are self-published every month. Authors are no longer at the mercy of traditional publishers who take months just to respond to your submissions, if they are accepting submissions at all. These days, when writers have messages that they are passionate about, they can choose from a myriad of options. Too often though, writers approach publishing with a glamorized perspective that clearly indicates the need to learn how the industry truly works.

Consequently some become discouraged and end up leaving their writing projects unfinished. Yet, as Alvin Toffler indicated, if there is an inability or lack of desire to learn, unlearn and relearn, many will be left behind in their efforts to reach the masses with the messages they’ve been given. What about you?

Are you willing to take the time to learn about the publishing industry and the things you need to do to make your publishing experience fruitful? Don’t be discouraged. Go ahead. Dig in and educate yourself. Go to the library. Join a writers group (like ACW-Detroit). Absorb all the information you can so that your expectations are realistic.
Then act on that information!

I know it’s a lot to learn. But, it’s worth it!

PriorityONE Publications
Post Office Box 725
Farmington, MI 48332
Phone & Fax:


Publishing Today’s Aspiring Christian Writers

Christina (left) and Venus (right)

American Christian Writers/Detroit Chapter


Ministry Marketing Solutions by Pam Perry, PR Coach: Author Platforms: Put your BEST Face, Foot and Brand FORWARD.


Daughters of the King – Dr. Gail Hayes

October 24, 2008

Daughters of the King – Dr. Gail Hayes

Chocolate Pages Show featuring Essence Best-Selling author Victoria Christopher Murray and Black Expressions Best-selling Authors Kim Brooks

October 24, 2008



CBS’s Survivor, JoAnna Ward, pens new book: Surviving The Fitness Game with Exercise DVD

February 27, 2008

Reality Show Star Helps Others Survive the Fitness Game
Through a Balance of Spiritual and Physical Discipline

Thirty pounds overweight may not seem like a big deal to some. But for JoAnna Ward, the battle to lose it proved to be as challenging as her competitive experience on “Survivor: Amazon.” But instead of braving the elements and relentless opponents as she did in the 2003 season of the CBS reality show, this time she was in a fight against her own body, will, and spirit.

Now victorious in her battle against the bulge, the 36-year-old Georgia resident is able to share the same principles she used for herself to help others, even if they have a lot more weight to lose. In her fitness devotional, Surviving the Fitness Game, she mixes the natural and spiritual as a sure-fire recipe for successful weight loss.
Ward, who had been athletic all of her life, found herself struggling with a weight challenge due to the stress of going through a divorce in 1996 and returning to a deeper state of single parenthood than she had experienced prior to marrying her son’s father.

But despite her past active life style as a basketball and track participant in high school and basketball star in college she found that losing weight was going to be more difficult than she had imagined.

“I started taking step aerobics … I was exercising sometimes twice a day and still not losing much,” said Ward, now owner/CEO of JoAnna Ward Fitness, Inc., Lithonia, Georgia. “I thought it would be easy because I had been an athlete. I thought other people were just being lazy. But, then someone told me I had to cut my fat grams. In four days I’d lost 13 pounds.”

Today the 5-foot-10 certified aerobic instructor is a svelte and muscular 160 pounds, down from her original 192. She noted that 130 pounds of her weight is muscle, which makes a difference in appearance, since muscle weighs more than fat.

Ward is now fulfilling the prophecy for book-writing that was spoken over her by her mother, friend and prayer partner, the late Dorothy Vassell who died shortly before the taping of “Survivor: Amazon” in 2002. Surviving the Fitness Game is an interactive, 28-day fitness devotional that shows readers how to meet weight loss and fitness goals successfully by first addressing and conquering personal imbalances, strongholds, and other hindrances.

“My book is the first fitness devotional,” Ward said. “You’re clearer once your mind, soul, and spirit are in order. Exercise adds great empowerment to the person as a whole. The Bible talks about being in health as you soul prospers. You need to strengthen your temple.”

Three sisters, who lost a collective 250 pounds in one year, testify to the fact that Ward’s method works. Ward served as their personal trainer in 1999. Through a combination of Scripture, exercise, and healthier eating habits, Darlene, Kamili, and Rasheen Jamison were able to do what they originally thought was impossible.

“We tried (diet pills) but that only lasted for a moment,” said Kamili, 36, who dropped from 306 pounds to 200. “When you try a quick fix it doesn’t work. JoAnna was different. She was concerned about the person. The whole nation needs to know JoAnna and what she stands for. She stands for everything positive. She stands for the person’s well-being.”

Surviving the Fitness Game and its accompanying instructional DVD can be purchased at any Christian bookstore, Target or on For more information about JoAnna Ward, visit her website at

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Building Kingdom Millionaires by Shekini Jennings for MMS Newswire

May 15, 2007

Catherine Eagan Dedicates Her Life to
Leading Christians to “The Wealthy Place”

Many people in the country are wringing their hands trying to figure out how to survive in the current struggling economy. But, Catherine Eagan is trying to help people become part of God’s thriving supernatural economy.

It’s a revelation that Eagan received in God’s perfect timing as retiring baby boomers are trying to figure out how to manage their wealth, younger people are just beginning to learn about finances, and others are discovering for the first time that retirement is no longer an option.

“In this time, people are going through a lot of different challenges,” said Eagan, a member of Word of Faith Christian Center. “It’s important to have a kingdom objective. We’re getting more in debt. The message of building wealth challenges all of us to build wealth so we can have financial the wherewithal and establish the Kingdom of God whether you’re young or old.”

Eagan is an entrepreneur, ordained minister and a former Vice President and Private Banking Officer, with a 25-year financial background.

She said the foundation for tapping into God’s economy includes giving and receiving, purpose, seedtime and harvest, tithes and offerings, and God’s principles. This opens the door for budgeting, debt elimination, credit repair, insurance planning, investment planning, and estate planning to affectively fall in line with proper instruction that can be found in Eagan’s book, “Dominating Money: Tapping Into God’s Supernatural Economy.”

“From a Biblical standpoint God wants us to provide for our family, our children, and our children’s children,” Eagan said. “There’s a difference between riches and wealth. Riches can come overnight through the lottery, but that doesn’t mean you know how to sustain it. Wealth is for the kingdom of God and … the greater good of humanity and society. Henry Ford wanted to provide a vehicle for people to ride in and came up with the process of mass production. When people meet the needs of others on a mass scale it lends itself to wealth.”

Eagan has been doing this in her own life through a balanced combination of informational clubs, books, and other merchandise and services that she sells, in addition to a 40-city Wealthy Women Seminar Tour and weekly teleseminars that she has offered for free. The tour has blessed more than 3,000 women across the country and the teleseminars draw 100 to 200 participants each week as far away as Canada and the Caribbean. She wants to make sure there is no excuse for Christians to not reach the “wealthy place” where they have successfully learned to dominate in the areas of business and finance.

Other books she has authored with her husband, Dr. J. Victor Eagan, include “How to Discover Your Purpose in 10 Days,” “How to Determine Your Motivational Gift,” and “The Character of Success.”

Eagan’s reason for doing everything she does is so that God’s people realize that wealth is for them, despite their current or past financial situation. Even someone who doesn’t have any money can go from 0 to wealth.

“John Johnson asked his mother to sell her furniture,” Eagan said. “She sold it for $500 and he started Ebony Magazine. John Rockefeller was a high school dropout, but he pursued business. Oprah Winfrey had nothing, but … now she owns Harpo production. God’s raising people who are going to be world changers.”

More life-changing, kingdom-building principles will be disclosed at the Kingdom Millionaire Intensive and Vision Gala in Boca Raton, Florida. For more information, or to register, call (561) 338-0009 or log onto

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