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August 21, 2011

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SistahFaith – Stanice Anderson, Marilynn Griffith and more! Black Gospel

October 21, 2010

Help SistahFaith reach #1
on the Essence Bestsellers List!

“Powerful women! Powerful speakers! Powerful stories!”
Pam Perry, Chief Visionary, Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc

Ashamed No More

Every woman needs a safe place… She needs the support of sistahs who won’t cringe at the honest truth, who are willing to walk by her side, who will listen to her stories, and who will offer balm to heal her wounds.

SistahFaith …true stories of women of women who have not only survived, but who have triumphed! Stories of addiction, abortion, rape, abuse, incest, suicide, teen pregnancy-stories of hope that shine light on the path to healing.

Most women endure in silence – afraid to tell the truth, held captive by shame. But in SistahFaith, women tell the truth and show their scars…share their testimonies so that others can overcome.

Among the women who share their stories of redemption, hope, and new life are Bonnie DeBarge of the famed Motown group DeBarge, award-winning author Sharon Ewell Foster, and author Claudia Mair Burney.

Share SistahFaith: Real Stories of Pain, Truth, and Triumph (Howard Books/Simon and Schuster) with the sistahs in your life and let the healing begin!

Available online, or purchase from this Essence reporting bookstore:
Pyramid Books 561-731-4422

Schedule the SistahFaith National Speakers
for your next conference:

For media and speaker requests:
PO Box 180485
Tallahassee, FL, 32318
(850) 322-0347

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SistahFaith – Black Gospel

OFFICIAL Pam Perry Magazine–P Magazine – 5 26 10 Online Launch Party! | Scribd

May 26, 2010

OFFICIAL Pam Perry Magazine–P Magazine – 5 26 10 Online Launch Party! | Scribd.

Get out there! Christian PR (Press Releases) for $100

November 19, 2007

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