(Pic) November 22, 2014 at 09:46AM

Tomorrow my baby will be 18! 🎂This is the first #birthday I will not actually see her on her special day ‘cause she is away at #college. @michiganstateu 💚 👏 I posted that pic on left 2 years ago today when she was 16 but she was really just 6. And I remember that phase like it was yesterday. Funny. I could tell then she was destined for great things. Not just a mom talking. But I saw something in her at that age that I never had until after I graduated from college… Courage, confidence and a mind of her own. She really is an awesome daughter and I am sooo Godly Proud of the young lady she has become. 😘 #daughter #love #spartan #shecanvotenow #futuresenator 😄 love you Aub! 💚 #timehop @aubrey14 #thankful you were the best #Thanksgiving gift @marcperry loves you too… He’ll do his own post! 😉 #perrypower #family #motheranddaughter #success4real – via Tumblr

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