Step Up Your Game in 2012

Introducing the new Perry + Mastermind Group. Kicking it up and off in 2012. It’s Time to step up your game.

We can help you. Believe the impossible. Achieve your dreams. Forget the Past, See the Victory, and Press On!

7 Steps to get your DREAMS fulfilled in 2012
  1. Commit. Make a decision to follow your dreams that the Lord put in your heart no matter what others say. Know with absolute certainty that you will see the vision come to pass because you’re determined and God showed you. Psalm 37:5  
  2. Be Prudent.  Don’t make decisions before knowing all the facts. Work smart and you won’t have to work hard. Prov. 27:12
  3. Be Prepared.  Don’t wait until there is an emergency or a deadline before you get moving on project. Successful people plan ahead. Haste makes waste. Prov. 21:31
  4. Be focused.  Get clear on what you want and don’t get distracted. If something doesn’t put you closer to your goal, drop it. Clarity is power. Prov. 29:18
  5. Be diligent. Finish what you start. Remember the end of thing is better than the beginning. If it worth starting –finish it! Prov. 13:4
  6. Be Teachable. Don’t refuse good advice and accept instruction. Get all the help you can. All successful people had mentors and role models. Get in a Mastermind Group if you can. Prov. 13:18
  7. Be persistent.  Be relentless. Tackle every task that God puts before you and expect a blessing. Quitters never win and winners never quit.  Press toward the mark. DREAM BIG! Prov. 24:10
The number one reason most people don’t achieve their dreams is that they don’t have clarity and they listen to the wrong folks. 
There is power in focus and visualizing what you want, confessing what you want and doing what you know to do!  But …you must have an accountability partner or a coach to keep you on track/

GET  a Dream Team, Mastermind Group or a Coach.  If you’ve been trying to “make it work” without the right advice and accountability partner, TRY something different in 2012. It will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. 
  Write your vision, make it plain and keep the momentum no matter how hard it gets – with God, all things are possible. 



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