(Pic) January 27, 2013 at 05:34PM

Launch your dreams ❤#dream2013

We are living in an era where you can be an instant celebrity on the internet.

An Internet celebrity, cyberstar or online celebrity is someone who has become famous by means of the Internet.

The Internet allows people to reach a narrow audience across the world and become famous within one or more Internet communities.

To discover how become an Internet Celebrity, join our Branding Superstar teleclass on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 9pm.

You’ll hear examples of those who have used Twitter, Blogs, Youtube and Pinterest to build their brand, business and a massive following online – and how YOU can too.

I’ll also tell you how I personally used the internet to:

Reinvent my brand

Secured a contract with Hollywood to do online publicity for a major film (Secret Life of Bees)

Get major speaking gigs

Build my business and a team
Create and sell tons of information products

Again, register for the next Teleclass:


Everyone needs to be a “superstar” in their niche. Learn how to Launch like a Superstar.

I look forward to sharing and “seeing you” on Tuesday. Bring your questions! I answer them LIVE!

To your Superstar Success,
Pam Perry, Your PR Coach

#brandingsuperstaru (at Haggerty Rd And Pontiac Trail) – via Tumblr


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