ministry marketing answers for Funding!

PR Expert Pam Perry is asking…..

“Who Else Wants to Discover Real Ways To Earn Extra Money On The Internet For Ministry, Publishing, and Promotion Online Without Always Asking For Money ?”

Check it out! For the first time in history the same technology that made billions of dollars for Google, and Yahoo, is now generating cash flow for people like you…!

The Special Video Explaining More…

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More information and watch video again at 

Download The Free Tool Bar And Be On Your Way To:


  • Adding significant cash flow to grow your ministry or business even faster!
  • Discovering a way to earn finances for your book or speaking.

  • Use of a tool bar that contains your ministry or company name and provides links to your website, Facebook, or your services using the same technology as Yahoo with access to a shopping mall with over 1500 stores..

  • Do away with paying for ineffective marketing.

  • Have an opportunity for merchant services for your products that have low fees compared .

  • Same fund raising tool used by Joyce Meyer Ministries, Churches, and other non-profit groups.

  • Give your supporters and contacts instant access to your main website online, and make it easy for them to stay in touch and connect with you, via other websites, Facebook, or Blog!





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