Are You Ready to Get Booked and Featured in the Media Like Never Before? Hear Rick Frishman, my mentor, RAVE about this.

I’ve been doing PR for 20 years. Rick Frishman has been doing it for 33. Wish we had that tool sooner!!!

See the webinar: [

 Listen to short “rant and rave” from Rick. Funny….

Instantmediakit. Com  
Download now or listen on posterous (1708 KB)


But seriously, this new secret weapon can get authors more speaking gigs and more media attention…instantly!


It’s THE New “Totally Green” Industry Standard for getting yourself “seen” in this very crowded digital age.



At last a solution that provides people like you (speakers, authors, coaches, trainers and

consultants) with a quick, easy, cost-effective, cutting-edge tool that streamlines your marketing materials

and generates your very own customized online media kit in just minutes!  “WOW!”


Make it easy for agents, publicists, clients and industry professionals to quickly and easily acquire your promotional

materials so that they can hire you and feature you in the media…instantly!


Now you can brand yourself efficiently and effectively, represent yourself the way YOU want to be perceived with a

 professional online media kit that you can be proud of!


It’s time for the world to see the best-selling author, world-renowned speaker, industry expert that you were meant to be!


Learn how you can make it easy for the media to find you and book you by checking it out today!

Best of success,Pam Perry

author of “Synergy Energy” 

Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Office: 248.426-2300

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